Hey There

I started this blog as a means to take back control on some level - the climate crisis is overwhelming and it's so easy to feel helpless, especially as a twenty-something year-old woman. Educating myself and putting my thoughts down on paper helped me break down this seemingly huge crisis into digestible titbits, helping me manage my eco-anxiety. I hope that this blog and community brings you the same comfort.

All About Me

Truth be told, I didn't start out as a climate activist. I was actually a cancer biologist working in a biotech start-up, developing new drugs for cancer and other genetic disorders. I genuinely thought I had found my calling until summer 2020, where the Black Lives Matter movement put under international spotlight the frequent cases of environmental injustice. A couple of weeks later, a cargo ship caused an unimaginable oil spill in Mauritian waters, and that's when the climate crisis suddenly became very real and personal.


As a half-French half-Mauritian woman, I grew up exposed to polar opposite cultures and societies. Where France prided itself on the few sustainable policies it has implemented, countries like Mauritius were already suffering from the consequences of rising temperatures and sea levels: ocean acidification, extreme weather events, food insecurity... A hefty price to pay for little contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and yet so-called "developed" countries kept getting away with it, setting non-legally binding targets that they've been missing for the past decade & offering financial support to some of biggest polluting industries.


Upon realising this extreme carbon inequality, I started becoming more vocal about the climate crisis. But as I delved into the space, I was confronted with the bigotry, bias and misinformation that pervades climate discourse. With my good friend El (@consciouslyelle), we teamed up to create an online community where people would feel safe enough to express their opinions without fear of cancel culture and could access verified information about climate change, sustainability and social justice issues.


And so, Imperfectly Green was born out our desire to create a safe, inclusive and educational online platform. 


I hope to see you there,


Tamsin xx